Many of us are transforming our lives, working diligently to connect to and align with our higher selves. We intuitively understand that as we move along this path toward ascension we will need to make some adjustments to reconcile our realities with what we have learned and who we are becoming. Because other human’s presence in our world can have such a significant impact on us, one of the most valuable, periodic “tune-ups” we can perform is to evaluate and adjust whom we have allowed into our soul space.


Our soul space houses the sacred essence of who we are at the core of our being. It is the place we are the most vulnerable, exposed, and our true selves. It is where the seeds of our dreams are born and fed, where the emotions and feelings we cannot hide from are kept, where the aspects of ourselves we have not even become aware of yet are cached. Not only is it the seat of all of our intrinsic value and potential, it is also the space where our fears and demons play.


These aspects of our nature are typically only revealed to those we feel most comfortable with and deeply trust, so you can imagine, it would seem that such an important role in our lives would warrant some type of criteria to be met. Unfortunately, we are not always consciously aware of how we are approving or inviting people to share such an intimate journey. We all have levels and degrees at which we interact with other human beings. An acquaintance, for example, is categorized differently than a friend and is shared with and trusted on a completely different plane. The "inner circle", however, is an extension of our well that we draw from, and should be curated by our higher self.


Imagine yourself at the center of a diagram of a shooting target, in the Bullseye position, and we will call that the "inner circle". Each of the larger circles that extends out are the more peripheral levels at which you interact with people, from friends to strangers, etc. Just like you wouldn't give your house alarm code to just anyone you know, so should you consider who you have given the code to your inner haven. Ask yourself what types of qualities and attributes a person might need to have before you allow their energy to share your soul space. How do you “feel” when you encounter them? Do you feel positive, inspired, open, SAFE, lighter, understood, recognized, supported? These are good signs. However, if you feel judged, shamed, belittled, depressed, negative, powerless, deflated, drained or the like these are indications that their presence maybe be polluting, counterproductive, or even toxic to your inner sanctum.


When we notice an instance of the latter, we have happened upon a wonderful opportunity to take intentional steps toward honoring our growth by making adjustments to surround ourselves with people who support, acknowledge and respect our journey.


I encourage you today to reprogram your inner circle security code and give it only to those who have demonstrated, over time, to possess the criteria you deem necessary for that level of access. Making the shift should be executed diplomatically if possible, but never be apologized for. Finally, even if this means you are all alone in there for a while as you attract a new and improved tribe, this is your chance to set the tone. After all, who better to show others how to love and support you, than YOU?

Erin WilliamsComment