Erin Williams is a psychic empath and intuitive life coach.

She has been featured on television + radio news and talk shows and has been a sought after speaker, consultant and guide for almost 20 years.

Erin works with clients from all over the world. Her compassion, sense of humor, and practical spirituality are her trademarks.





I chose this path and this path chose me. As a lifelong seeker, I know what it is like to have frequent flyer miles to the regions of “what-in-the-hell?” and back.  Like many of you, I spent countless hours (years) working on what was "wrong with me" and mending old wounds, but when I was ready to talk about what was "RIGHT with me", and how to build upon that daily, I found myself realizing there was so much more to self-actualization than what can be fostered through conventional methods.

I needed a mentor who was less focused on my history, and more interested in my mystery. 


THUS, in my searching over the years I decided to become who I had been looking for, and am now dedicated to those who truly want to do the work to gain sovereignty over their own lives. Finally, and this is important: I have to say that the path of becoming can be challenging sometimes, so I am not the guru who is going to make it seem like this journey is going to be butterflies and fairy dust flying out of every orifice, although there’s a lot of that, too. In fact, I AM NOT YOUR GURU at all; I am here to help you identify, summon, and unleash your higher self. YOU 2.0 is going to be your guru. I am here to shepherd you along.