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"Working with Erin has been one of the best decisions I've made in a really long time. Before I reached out to Erin, I was beyond frustrated with my work environment, questioning myself constantly and unable to move in the direction I felt called to pursue. After a few meetings and with Erin's ability to sift through the chaos that I had spinning around in my mind, I was already making huge strides towards the ultimate goal of owning my own private practice. Erin specifically helped me take my never ending list of ideas, wants and needs and create a concrete plan that I could feel confident and proud of. Today, I can honestly say that I am so happy I made that phone call and took the time to invest in the life that I have longed to create for so long.” —Jessica Pass, L.M.F.T. (www.jessicapass.com)

Somehow I just found this woman and of course, the timing could not have been more perfect! Erin has become a guide of sorts for me, by putting the reins in my hands and allowing most of the work to come from within. I’m grateful for the spiritual progress and connection I’ve accomplished with her as my coach. This is work but it’s work that’s rising me up out of whatever has been holding me back. #imaphoenix #spiritualconnection #hellogoddess —Kimmi Moake

“I learned more about myself in one session with Erin than with all of my ‘self-help’ books and tapes combined.” —Lou Congelio (www.congeliovb.com)

“I have been working with Erin for over five years. I could have a situation bothering me, and have no idea what to do, and in a few minutes she has reframed the situation for me in a way that makes me wonder why I was ever so bothered to begin with. She is a great sounding board to have throughout all the ups and downs in life. Sometimes I need to talk to her everyday to get through a rough patch, sometimes I don't need to talk for a couple weeks, but regardless, Erin is always ready with an action plan to get me through any situation in my life.” —BAW

“I met Erin Williams through a friend mine, who is also a client of hers, and I started attending her group coaching sessions with, I must admit, quite a bit of doubt about the whole concept of "life coaching". I considered myself far too cool and well-adjusted to be in need of any "coaching" from anybody. Weeks later, here I sit doing my very best to come up with the right adjectives to describe this amazing woman. She is real. She is one of "us", the countless women (and men) who have navigated a myriad of struggles, relationships, prejudices, frustrations, disappointments and the countless challenges and barriers that we all face and have to overcome as we build on our hopes and dreams and sometimes, just to make it through a really bad day. Erin is not just someone out there telling people what she thinks they want to hear; her gift is in the way she listens and hears what we are really saying and then challenging us to face the real stuff and decide what we are going to do about it. Erin has helped me realize, through my own self-assessment and evaluation, that I, just like the rest of us, could use a little of her brand of "coaching" from time to time. I'd recommend Erin to anyone, and have enlisted her to work with my daughter as she makes the transition from teenager to young woman. As a matter of fact; I wish I'd have had Erin around during that time in my life. Erin is one of a kind and I'm forever grateful to my friend for dragging me along to meet her!” —Frances Elaine Underhill

“Erin's sharing of her Divine gifts is Perfect Guidance for our Highest Good. The moment I met Erin it was ‘SHAZAM!! This is no accidental meeting.’ She gave me the confirmation and truth needed to move forward in the healing Reiki energy work--My Inner Knowing Higher Self Soul Journey. I felt at ease during her reading and my Inner Knowing thought was, “This is Divinely Guided Truth. Namaste! AND SO IT IS! Don’t walk, RUN. SEE Erin! ♡♡♡”—Winnie Ovenden

"Erin's style of working is both unique and powerful. Her reading helped me get a clearer and more purposeful direction for my life and business. She took the personal session to a new level by emailing me notes from my session, making it easier to work at my own pace. I highly recommend working with Erin.”—Kathleen Anne

“I began seeing Erin when I felt like I had more to do, give and experience with my life, but didn't have a clue as to how to begin making a change. Working with Erin over the course of a year has changed my life in many ways; I'm debt free and quit a toxic job. More importantly was what I gained when she challenged me to dig deep to identify and address what I really wanted. Ultimately, Erin helped me understand that MY definition of happiness and contentment didn’t have to come in the form of a high powered job or name brand material things. She helped me find happiness in a simpler life. —Christine M.  

 "I have worked with Erin for almost a year and I must say that she knows her stuff.  Her intuitive nature, no BS manner, and exceptional devotion to her clients is unrivaled.  With Erin's help, I have gotten through one of the biggest transitions of my life.  I knew that I could do it but my doubts often took over and she would not let me give up for one second. She has helped me navigate a new career path by reminding me of my worth and sticking with me every step of the way.  Erin has been my cheerleader when no one else has and for that I will always appreciate her and look forward to many years of working with her.  I would highly recommend her to anyone and I am so grateful that I know her as a person and a coach."—Caitlin Cecil

 "Building character is the most difficult, most rewarding work I've ever done--and Erin has helped me in every part of the process -- from choosing the next step in my development, to encouragement in reframing ['disaster' situations]/[defeats] into growing experiences. Thanks to Erin I've learned how character can be built, brick by brick, piece by piece; and that the life I want to live can be designed, constructed, molded according to a plan--my own.  It feels amazing to be in the driver's seat of my own life -- finally." David Harrington, M.D.

“Erin…just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been at my new job for over a year now and things are going really well. The biggest difference is that my boss now has a good heart and is grateful for my knowledge, experience and work ethic. I can’t thank you enough for all of your talents and practices to find a healthier environment and happier me. “ —Rebecca

“I have been working with Erin for over a year now.  The thoughts and ideas combined with a strategic direction for my life has had amazing results.  She is a true coach in the sense that she puts the X and O's into life coaching.  Strategically placing you on the path of success based on YOUR own value system and what YOU want to achieve.  Trust me, it's hard to think strategically when you are in the weeds of life.  She has helped me become accountable for ME.  If you are tired of being a dreamer and want to become a doer, I would strongly recommend her!! —Kelly – IT Specialist/Actor/Producer

"I am a reader and through my reading I understand that success is built on a foundation of support.  In many cases that support comes from family and friends, but sometimes we need an independent observer to provide us with the opportunity to step outside our defined boundaries and challenge ourselves to be more than we currently are.  When I relocated to Houston I was given the phenomenal opportunity to become more.  With a new job and new opportunities I began to wonder who this person in the mirror was and who could I ultimately be?  I found myself wanting to be more and looking for that “independent observer” to challenge my core beliefs.  I have not always liked what Erin has had to say and in some areas there has been outright resistance on my behalf to step out of the comfort zone I call my life.  But that was what I was searching for and as I look back over the past year, where I started from to where I am now; I am more today than I was yesterday.  I have waded through some of the muck and challenges of the past and for the first time in many years I am seeing the unbelievable potential of that person I see in the mirror.  Thanks Erin for the support and challenging me to be real, alive, to be all that I can be!!" —Cheryl Francis

"Over the last decade, I've worked with at least a half a dozen business/success coaches.  They all helped in their own ways, but Erin has and will always stand out far, far above the rest.

Because of Erin's vast business experience, she can truly relate to self-employed individuals and provide solutions to complex issues that can and do directly impact your bottom line.

I came to Erin with unique challenges and a jungle full of weeds for us to navigate through.  Over the course of several months, she not only helped navigate, but she also provided fresh new insights and ideas the lead me down new paths that I would not have thought of on my own.

 And thanks to Erin's coaching, I have completely changed the scope of my business in extremely positive and tangible ways.  The bottom line… Erin ROCKS and I'd recommend her to any business or individual looking to take their live and/or business to the next level." —RH – Serial Entrepreneur

"No matter your interests or path in life, sometimes you want or need to just step back, assess, and regroup.  Erin provides the opportunity to do that outside of the biased womb you live in day-to-day with your friends and family.  Objective direction allows you to make genuine decisions about a new path without the crutch of help from those that know your current and past.  Regardless of whether you are a white collar business professional, a stay-at-home mom, or an entrepreneur looking for the next big thing, Erin will help you take whatever steps you need to get to where you want to be. —Natalie B.